Gmail Gets a Brand New Inbox

As rumored, the Gmail inbox is getting a new look on the desktop, iOS and Android.

The new inbox matches leaked screenshots that appeared at the end of last week and it shows off a look that is more about helping users organize their inbox into categories with horizontal tabs, versus a vertical list of labels.

Clicking on one of the tabs will show all the messages from that view. Users can also customize the new tabs to always show certain senders in a particular tab or for starred messages to always appear in the primary tab.

On the mobile side, iOS and Android apps will also now offer users easy access to preset Smart Labels for categories such as social, promotions and updates.

Google announced the new look on its Gmail blog and says that it will be rolling out the update “gradually” on the desktop. Updates for iOS and Android will be available in the next few weeks. Users that don’t want the new look on the desktop can switch back to the classic view.

Google says that if you want to get the new inbox sooner, watch for a “Configure Inbox” setting to hit the gear menu icon in Gmail.

What do you think of the new Gmail inbox? Let us know in the comments.

10 Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

  • 1. Compose


    Press Shift + C to compose a new message in a new window.

  • 2. Scroll Up & Down


    Scroll between messages in your inbox by pressing K and J to access newer and older emails, respectively.

    (The tiny blue bar to the right of the arrow indicates the highlighted message.)

  • 3. Select a Message


    As you’re scrolling through your inbox, select a message by hitting X. From there, you can perform a variety of functions, such as archiving, labeling, etc.

  • 4. Move Between Conversations


    When you’re in an email thread, type N and P to move among newer and older conversations. Hit O or Enterto expand a conversation.

    (The blue bar to the right of the arrow indicates the highlighted conversation.)

  • 5. Archive


    When you’re in an email, simply press E to archive. If there’s already a label applied, the email will archive into that folder.

  • 6. Reply & Forward


    When viewing an email, hit R to reply, A to reply all, or F to forward.

  • 7. Save Draft


    If you’re in the middle of composing a message and want to save for later, type Ctrl + S to save as a draft.

  • 8. Delete


    To move a message to the trash, type #.

  • 9. Label or Move


    Whether you’re within a message or have selected the message from your inbox, type L to label. A drop-down box of folders will appear. Either select one, or type the folder name to search.

  • 10. Mark as Read or Unread


    Once you’ve selected a message, either type Shift + I to mark as read or Shift + U to mark as unread.

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